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Stanning one narcissistic Cinderella/Cat lady and a 5 year old fish.

Eunhae's homosexual behavior makes me cry.

15 dorks + a hint of randomness


☆ Waiting for Space Big Star ☆


∞ Endless Heenim ∞


♡ Eunhae showing their gay ♡


handsome little fuck        gtfo please        donghae       

Fantastic + Faceless

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sad reality is sad       

you see everyone acting silly but donghae though (⊙﹏⊙✿)

lmao        he's trying to act serious        it just makes u more idiotic bby        /crying        donghae       
donghae861015: Hey !! Everybody listen to me !! Stay tuned for Henry’s first broadcasting today! Everybody say !!!!! Neck Slice ! http://instagram.com/p/qTdVyxF8CQ/
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Helianthus Fall Winter 2014 Collection | 140711 

oppa oppa

NOPE        u cant        fuck off        donghae        jesus.....       
you can be my hero today
donghae        <3       
dumb        donghae        ily u lil piece of shit        ur stupid face makes me happy        /sobs