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Stanning one narcissistic Cinderella/Cat lady and a 5 year old fish.

Eunhae's homosexual behavior makes me cry.

15 dorks + a hint of randomness


☆ Waiting for Space Big Star ☆


∞ Endless Heenim ∞


♡ Eunhae showing their gay ♡


If you don’t think this was Ryeowook’s mv you’re wrong tbh (◡‿◡✿) 

nope        cant take this        ryeowook        swing        PLS STOP BEING FLAWLESS       

[HD] 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 

cr: kimheechulbaidubar ^3^

asdfgh        /cries        <3        heechul        wgm       
just how adorable can you get hae ;;
adfg        ur face does stuff to me        /sobs        donghae        sjm press con       

MC: Super junior sings well, But they became popular for their reactions. 

haha        dorks        kyuhyun        shindong        sj       
asdfg        kyuhyun        precious bby        sjm press con       

donghae’s mic technical difficulties

ah        donghae        sungmin        sjm press con       
hyukjae        swing       


hyukjae        airport        handsome namja        <3       


au where i’m in a relationship 

hahaha        joking on a whole new level        orz       

super junior m = hardworking businessmen

yep        role models        i cant        swing        sjm