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Stanning one narcissistic Cinderella/Cat lady and a 5 year old fish.

Eunhae's homosexual behavior makes me cry.

15 dorks + a hint of randomness


☆ Waiting for Space Big Star ☆


∞ Endless Heenim ∞


♡ Eunhae showing their gay ♡



"two words…six letters…say it, and i’m yours…"


hyukjae        UNF        stop it        mucore        140830       

keep smiling,keep shining

shindong        asdfgfdsa i love that smile so much        <3        shirt        musicbank        140829       

Sungmin throws a kiss to Shindong at the other end of the line.

dawwwww        super cuties        shindong        sungmin        musicbank        140829       

140830 Music Core

heechul        super junior        mamacita        140830        mucore       

140830 Eunhyuk/Donghae - Shirt @ Music Core

hyukjae        donghae        mucore        140830        shirt       
hyukjae        mucore        140830       

Heenim’s acting faces  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧


wow, there’s a lot of booty shaking in ‘Shirt’

super junior        eunhyuk        donghae        sungmin        kyuhyun        siwon        leeteuk        heechul        shindong        kangin        ryeowook        shirt        140829        musicbank        gifs       
stop being so handsome        ur face should be illegal        gtfo        jonghyun